I have been thinking…the thing about my Stainless Steel Utensils/Flatware/Ladles…is..

If one were to give, say, a ladle, as a gift .. it is a “Gift that keeps Giving” ..(Probably for around 3,000 years or so).. but as the bestower of this Gift.. you too will be brought to mind whenever the Ladle is used..(not for those thousands of years though) Nourishment for all ! .. 

So … for your edification and delight ! .. documenting the making of Three Cake Slices and Two “Dollop” spoons (a dollop of cream/chocolate fudge sauce/caramel and Grand-Marnier ?.. smothering some almond meal cake delight!)….


A Top Bloke, a Work in Progress a Priority and Text only.

There is an incredible Bloke called Oskar who fixed this website .. ‘Cause I broke it !! Thanks !! .
So the Monday Sculpture is a work in progress this week ..

I had to get back home for a practice session of “The Paradice Palm Court Heavy Metal Gluten Free ukulele Orchestra”..
It’s called Prioritising!
So ! My computer is playing up so I’m using an iPad and I can not upload photos

A Journal is a Journey… and this post is also about a strong predilection for the Dollop

So Josh, (An earlier collaboration of mine..Quite a good piece I’ll ad !) and his Girlfriend were visiting for a couple of weeks.. They are artists and Josh was working on me to keep a Journal of my practice instead of random scribbles on scraps of paper, or chalk on anvil and floor.. He wasn’t convinced that he was making headway so He bought me a book and personalised it with a picture of my hat and a tweak of my motto.. “Thou Shalt Start” … You should check out his Blog  Here                                             My first page got a sticker of approval from him. (bottom right)

The beast who mistook the moon for it's Lover


journal page

journal page



DollopSpoons !.. Ever since I started making these small ladles I’ve wondered what they should best be used for .. I have one at home and we use it for such delights as Lemon-Butter, Butterscotch Sauce, Chocolate Fudge Sauce, Cream and sweetness of that ilk !  These “Dollop Spoons” are the “Gift that Keeps on Giving” !

IMG_4114and Yes, it is Rosie who is the Muse for that one !


Monday Sculpture..

In Keeping with this ‘Every Monday A New Sculpture’ ..

The second.. along the same theme (Confusion, Consternation and Credulity)

“The Beast who mistook the Moon for it’s Lover”

Work in progress.. the beast who mistook the Moon for it's Lover

Work in progress.. the beast who mistook the Moon for it’s Lover

The beast who mistook the Moon for it's Lover

MOJO EXHIBITION … Get yours on !

MOJO EXHIBITION .. Opening Night ..Friday 7th November 2014 from 5pm till 8pm

Get your MOJO on ! Check out all the new works from the 12 members of the Collective..

Boogie to the beats of the Moondogs Gypsey Blues Band and help us celebrate our MOJO !!

I will be showing what’

MOJO .. 4 Brass and Copper Bracelets

MOJO .. 4 Brass and Copper Bracelets

s got my Mojo Moving over the last 6 months or so.. today I made these four Brass and Copper bracelets !