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 “I am fascinated by the strength and malleability of metal– a material that is used to span rivers and to sew the finest silk”. Bruce Pringle.



 Bruce Pringle’s career as an artist began in 1971 in South Africa. Bruce now resides in Byron Bay NSW, Australia.

As a sculptor, Bruce abandons formal constraints, seeking to express his delight in and reverence for nature and the human form.

Through the ancient techniques of metalsmithing, Bruce explored the alchemy of hand, metal and fire. His work is contemporary in design, whilst imparting a sense of ritual. Works present the texture, strength and colour of stone, bronze, stainless steel, iron and precious metals in graceful and fluid lines. His work has been described as three dimensional calligraphic essays. His functional pieces have a strong sculptural feel, with designs inspired by personal mythologies.

A stainless steel range of utensils reflects the sophistication of the contemporary world, whilst maintaining a sense of whimsy in design.

A fascination with ancient metal ornamentation such as the clasp mechanisms of Celtic kilt pins and annular and pen-annular cloak clasps, have influenced jewellery design. These pieces, forged on a small scale, are objects which traditionally give strength to the wearer.

Founder of the Hammer and Hand Metal Collective in Hobart, Tasmania in 1994 and the same in Byron Bay NSW since 2009.

Bruce is currently working on a series of small sculptures on the theme of Navigating Life’s Journey through Time and Space.

Bruce’s work has been described as music in metal, with each piece bearing testimony to his skill in combining art with craft in strong and elegant design.

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