Haloooooo ! Anybody home ???

It’s Good Friday. Parked down by the creek at Clunes where Rosie’s Grandfather was born… opposite the old Gold diggings that Rosie’s Great-Grandfather worked.. Chilling today ..tho I have been working on this WordPress site .. setting up a re-direct to my Facebook page for posts here and also Rosie has helped me (Saved my sanity) install “Google Analytics” to count visitors to the site .. (none !.. Flat-lining !) and the other day..the ability to comment was set up in a miraculous shared effort from Jen, Oskar (the Master Mind) and myself.. But Alas and Alack .. the only comments are from myself and one from Rosie .. !!>?! but I’m counting them anyway.We had coffee this morning in “Widow Twanky’s” , Clunes.. Where we were informed that that’s the name of Aladdin’s mother !!… and a popular tea!.. (like Twinings) in the eighteen hundreds… Whereupon I informed the owner of the FAAAARR more important connection ..,of the Blacksmiths Guild’s Journeymen’s song “Twanky Dillo” sung upon a saint’s day while drinking copiously and cavorting .. ( I have first hand experience of Blacksmiths cavorting ) ..  Anyhow !! …a comment please ….(kind if possible?) …and be assured that after today anybody looking at my site will become a treasured and valued.. Nay !.. CHERISHED! statistic.

Widow Twankie's Cafe Clunes

Widow Twankie’s Cafe Clunes

Bruce Pringle contemplating pumpkin and spinach muffin

Bruce Pringle contemplating pumpkin and spinach muffin

6 thoughts on “Haloooooo ! Anybody home ???

  1. brucep3 Post author

    Thanks Jack , for your memories ! I know Melbourne has the best water ! (and weather for brooches !!)

  2. brucep3 Post author

    Thanks Patti ! .. Slowly slowly catchee monkey and box its ears.. Love your Blog .. very cunning and clever !

  3. brucep3 Post author

    Thanks Jen !.. Bit of a task sometimes ! “Moiderous” IT day today .. slowly getting the hang of it.

  4. Jen

    i’ve been reading everyday – except the last couple as my sister and her family have been here for the long weekend. have just waved them off and hope they make it through the nightmare traffic going north…
    loving reading of your adventures and seeing your pics. Rosie has also been posting some lovely pics via email. keep it up you too! we are traveling vicariously through you and adding many spots to are future travel bucket list. amazed at how many arty places you are finding to explore – amazed and very happy!

  5. Jack

    I knew you was a major ‘cavorter’ whence first I set eyes upon you!

    I also remember ‘Widow Twanky’ of ‘Aladdin’ fame, being a pantomimer from way back
    in the old days in the old dart, as a child, when we used to get taken to pantomimes and anxiously await the moment when they would ask for children to go up onto the stage.
    “Behind you! Behind you!”

    I find your posts extremely invigorating, and as you know, I do own a cape pin, from way back, when you forged in Salamanca, before I had even met you in Byron Bay!

    ….now I am living in Coburg and drinking yummy Victorian water
    Keep on posting your stories and your art, in your inimitable style!…. fellow Aries, Jack

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