All about ME ME ME !!!

This just went up so I am splashing it all over the place ’cause it’s my birthday and I can !!! ¬†Open this link here to read…¬†ME ME ME !!!

ME ME ME In my Birthday Oilskin Night-gown !

ME ME ME In my Birthday Oilskin Night-gown !

2 thoughts on “All about ME ME ME !!!

  1. Val

    Hi travelling folks. Looks good, wish we were there. Blown away by the sculpture, entrance to that town (I forget the town but will remember the sculpture till the day I die). The details were terrific, weird vulva looking floral things. Amazing, especially using re-cycled materials with an historical and local heritage.
    Rosie, this comment is offered in the spirit of constructive criticism, knowing how difficult it is to tame these computer devils, but I couldn’t read your words as they were partly obscured by the dark bits of the photos. Found solace in Bruce’s words though.
    Now Bruce, I hope you were practicing “The Ballad” when you were plunking on the music teacher’s uke.
    Love to you both and happy travels!
    Val and Barry

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