Coonabarabran NSW

Found Pinnata gallery Dorrigo in the Food Angel Cafe , an amazing Gallery in new circumstances.  Rosie noted no less than 13 Artists whose careers she intends to follow up on ! I was charmed by a pair of small ceramic sculptures by Sally Hook called “The yo-yo players” I could feel the “expert’s” judgment as the younger yo- yo’ist’s yo-yo rested, slack stringed on the ground! … The Cafe is large and stretches out to the courtyard, Wi-Fi and power points everywhere !!!  Good coffee too! The Pinnata Gallery now in a long side room mostly, shared with old books and Cafe tables.  We returned to the ‘Mountain Metal Art’ guys for a look at Steve’s Forge and a hit of Coke-fume as he lit up the thing and showed me his “you bueat’ Norwegian Anvil”, then onto Bendemeer where we checked out the Autumn Arts And Craft Show … Hundreds of entries !!!  So many artists ! These country towns pull in so many incredible artists from the back of beyond and all about. Some of it wonderful and some horrible and all a joyous exercise in ART!, and it is how we met the wonderful Metal artist and activist Fran Wachtel in Murrurundi NSW two years ago… So we never pass one of these shows without a look.  Camped at Lake Keepit near Gunnadah . ….Stuffed.. Baked beans olives and cheese for dinner.. an episode of “Janet King” on I’View and up this morning to a flat battery ’cause I left the ignition on all night .. *#*^! …So we meet “Smilin’ Gary of Gunnedah NRMA”..  Taking the afternoon off in a campground in Coonabarrabran now, reading  Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey and writing this.

Stephen Viola in his forge

Stephen Viola in his forge making me look little.. lucky I’ve got a hat !

Food Angel Cafe and Piccolo Gallery, Dorrigo NSW

Food Angel Cafe and  Gallery, Dorrigo NSW

Pinnata Gallery .. sorry !


Smilin' Gary of Gunnedah NRMA

Smilin’ Gary of Gunnedah NRMA

I'm keeping the flies at bay , waiting for the NRMA

I’m keeping the flies at bay , waiting for the NRMA


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