New Kid on the block .. Website and Blog launched !

Hello ! and a very big thanks to Oskar Schlegl ..for giving me this WordPress site to play with ! Thank You Oskar ! You are a Mountain among Men and a very generous soul with your time and expertise ! Also thanks to Josh Pringle who helped me initially to swim (doggy-paddle) in the deep water.. (for a short legged Wombat).. that is the administration of a thing like this.. Thanx Josh !! xx

So ! I have a website again ! Great addition to the Fallow Year process and in time for My Girlfriend Rosie’s and my upcoming trip to central Victoria in a day or two .. Camping in the Van and having another look around Bendigo, Ballarat, Clunes, Dalesford, Castlemain and an aside down to Port Fairy SA. in the mix…. We had a bit of a practice run on Saturday with our friend Glenda..visiting Federal Gallery, then the Channon Gallery .. on to the GreenBank in Nimbin and also the Nimbin Art Association’s Autumn Exhibition… Then on to the Richmond Tweed Regional Gallery for “Tea and tiny cakes” !1….., to check out the new and amazing Margaret Olley Art Centre Wing ! A bit of a taste of things to come for the next two or three weeks.

Rosie and Glenda , Stylin' it in Nimbinn

Rosie and Glenda , Stylin’ it in Nimbinn

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