This Fallow Year

So the old testament recommends leaving a field fallow every seventh year to rest the soil and to rejuvenate its potential…..

Tallows Beach

Tallows Beach

I decided some six years ago to introduce this concept into my arts practice..  So I am undertaking no commissions, supplying no product and only making what I feel like making and experimenting with new ideas all the while.. this is supported by my having saved for the six years and it was a wonderful thing to have the thought of a full year to dedicate to ‘just art’   It was a light at the end of a tunnel and now I am basking in the full rays of it.   Some of the work I’ve done in this time can be found on this new web presence of mine .. and some is not visible but just as important as it is taking seed in my attitudes to work, art and my life itself.

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