A Journal is a Journey… and this post is also about a strong predilection for the Dollop

So Josh, (An earlier collaboration of mine..Quite a good piece I’ll ad !) and his Girlfriend were visiting for a couple of weeks.. They are artists and Josh was working on me to keep a Journal of my practice instead of random scribbles on scraps of paper, or chalk on anvil and floor.. He wasn’t convinced that he was making headway so He bought me a book and personalised it with a picture of my hat and a tweak of my motto.. “Thou Shalt Start” … You should check out his Blog  Here                                             My first page got a sticker of approval from him. (bottom right)

The beast who mistook the moon for it's Lover


journal page

journal page



DollopSpoons !.. Ever since I started making these small ladles I’ve wondered what they should best be used for .. I have one at home and we use it for such delights as Lemon-Butter, Butterscotch Sauce, Chocolate Fudge Sauce, Cream and sweetness of that ilk !  These “Dollop Spoons” are the “Gift that Keeps on Giving” !

IMG_4114and Yes, it is Rosie who is the Muse for that one !


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