Really .. You just have to see it for yourself …

But here is Trevor the parrot on the ferry … And an arty-farty picture taken by me in the stairwell..

2 thoughts on “HOBART … MONA !

  1. Sue Dorrington

    Hi Bruce – rather than leave a comment, I am actually wondering if you, or one of your readers have a contact for Graham Bray …………..I recently saw a piece of his work at a sculpture exhibition at the Trial Bay Gaol and fell in love with it. It looks as though he attends various markets with his work from one of your “News” items, so that could be an option for catching up with him.

    I live just south of Port Macquarie & have had a bit of a look to see if he has a webpage but nothing comes up under his name.

    Do hope someone can assist me in this endeavour – many thanks – Sue

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