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ART is the Last Refuge of the SELF

The shadow self in the furnace of ART... photo by Chris Weinmann

Workbench..The shadow self in the furnace of ART… photo by Chris Weinmann

In looking at the chaotic state of my bench and wondering at it’s correlation with Myself…

I had the insight that Art may be the last refuge of the Self.. (hiding from reality, clinging to individual worth…)

Art is a tool that defines the Self.. but serves to break down the walls separating Selves and signals the end of separationand isolation..Leading to Unity/Oneness.


Get your Inner Celt Happening….I Have Forged Some Brooches…

These are some ‘process’ pictures of my Forged Stainless Steel Annular and Pen-annular Brooches/Cloak-Clasps… I’ve put a bit of a Contemporary Spin on the Designs.. The Decorative element is cast bronze and is flying ribbon flags.. meant to evoke Celtic knot-work but not to be to literal.  A Pen-annular Brooch has an attached mobile pin and the Annular Brooch, a detached pin.

Core-Cast Rings !

Iv’e been on a steep learning curve in sand-casting rings.. learned how to make Cores using “Water-Glass” (sodium silicate) to harden the cores .. been meaning to sus this one out for awhile … Also! Ive ordered more BZNZ Cards from Express Cards without the help of my Noble and First-Born Son, Mischa !

Little hearts = BIG LOVE !

I’ve made a bunch of little $5 hearts on sticks for when somebody just needs a little love..or when you are told ..”No pressies please !”.. or if you need a sweet little garden sculpture  get SIX for $25 and watch them dance in the flowers.

Jewellery for a garden !

Some have Sparrows flying and one has an anchor and two hearts.. for the Pirate love of your life ! 

I have been thinking…the thing about my Stainless Steel Utensils/Flatware/Ladles…is..

If one were to give, say, a ladle, as a gift .. it is a “Gift that keeps Giving” ..(Probably for around 3,000 years or so).. but as the bestower of this Gift.. you too will be brought to mind whenever the Ladle is used..(not for those thousands of years though) Nourishment for all ! .. 

So … for your edification and delight ! .. documenting the making of Three Cake Slices and Two “Dollop” spoons (a dollop of cream/chocolate fudge sauce/caramel and Grand-Marnier ?.. smothering some almond meal cake delight!)….